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Job Searching

*Employers may be less responsive during this time but it still helps to continue on your job search and not become discouraged*


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Top 10 Jobs

Each Monday and Thursday, YES staff curate a list of available jobs that are entry-level and on bus routes.  These are jobs anyone can apply for!

NEW Work Experience Programs Guide

Your guide to opportunities in Winnipeg to gain workplace skills & experience. Includes opportunities for high school students, EIA clients, Indigenous Youth, Newcomers, French-speakers, and more!

Employability Workshops

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Success stories

Nabeel was referred to YES through EIA and had a lot of experience in working in kitchens, however due to an injury he was looking to pivot to administrative work where he wouldn’t need to be on his feet or working physical labour. We worked together on his resume and learning to write cover letters, and in early April he was able to land a full-time contract with a customer service job where he could be working from home virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic. When contacting us to update on being hired, he expressed gratitude to the staff at YES in saying “You guys are the best program I’ve been referred to; you’ve been so helpful and you actually get back to me quickly which I haven’t experienced anywhere else"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               25 years old

Caileigh lost her long term job at a boarding school in April due to Covid-19 with very little notice, and knew that there would be no chance of returning to that job before the coming fall. She registered with YES to help tailor her resume for a career path change so she could apply for jobs in the non-profit sector as she wanted to be helping during the pandemic through front line services. Caileigh also received virtual services to assist with her cover letters and interview prep before being offered a job as the Executive Director at a homeless shelter.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           29 years old