​​In the amount of time I have been at Y.E.S, all the staff throughout it have been so helpful and great whenever I needed assistance. Whether it would be creating a cover letter, or anything else that's job related. Thanks for everything so far.


20 years old

To the kids out there who are just like me, I would like to share my experiences to you. Before I was afraid to take the first and the hardest step of all and that is to ask help. The moment I first stepped in the door of YES, I instantly felt that I have a support system because the people who made YES possible are all nurturing individuals that will definitely help you to spread your wings and fly high. I told myself before that I will probably gained knowledge (ie. certificates, the necessary skills to be job ready) and break my barriers in a minimum of a year or so but I managed to have it in a few weeks time. They awakened my inner strength and you can as well because from walking, I am now running keeping up with my phase to chase my dreams and keep pressing forward. I would also like to use this opportunity to thank and to ask my mentors from YES to please never stop molding and shaping the future of the youth, because you guys made a great impact in changing my life forever from opening the door and for enlightening my path and many more!


21 years old

The staff were very knowledgable and professional in their presentations.  They offered both reinforcement of the classroom teachings and the opportunity to focus in more detail on aspects of the curricula.

Pembina Trails School Division

High School Community Partner

Youth Employment Services was a huge help with everything. The staff are super friendly and always willing to listen and help anyway they can.


20 years old

Youth Employment Services is a wonderful place to be. The staff are always smiling and making everyone that comes in feel like they are part of a family. Thank you everyone at Y.E.S. for all your help.


19 years old

I have been using Youth Employment Services for some time. It has been a great help. Friendly environment. The drinks and snacks are helpful. All the staff is very helpful with computers, resumes and phone calls whenever needed.


25 years old

I thought the presentation that Chris and Lyndsay put on was extremely well done and the feedback from teachers has been great. Many have expressed interest in having them come back at some point to continue this topic with our students. Chris and Lyndsay were professional, upbeat and presented the information in a way that was very accessible for our students. They included examples for newcomers and referenced a couple of the programs we have here at Maples, a sign that they did their homework before they came. Very impressive! We would not hesitate to invite them back again and work with the YES organization in the future. Thanks again for being so accommodating and for agreeing to do 4 presentations in one day. We enjoyed having you as guests in our very busy school!

Maples Collegiate

High School Community Partner

Y.E.S. is a very good program. It leads you in many different directions to where you want to go in life. I think coming here will give inspiration to other youth in the future. Keep up the good work Y.E.S!


18 years old

I love being at Y.E.S. The staff are funny and awesome. Having fun while looking for a job or to hang around. Y.E.S. is one of the best places to start my day. I like how there is different snacks and drinks. Even if you have a job while I was at Y.E.S. still I would come by to say hi and talk.


18 years old

I think Y.E.S. has great people working for them. The staff are absolutely amazing and caring. They are very helpful and look for the best in people, especially the young kids that attend this program. Looking forward to coming back and using this facility in the near future. Thanks.


18 years old

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